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About 3F Heating And Plumbing

At 3F Heating And Plumbing, our team of plumbers and engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. All of our team are Gas Safe registered and fully certified to complete gas and boiler repairs and validate warranties on new appliances. We pride ourselves not only on the level of our training and experience, but also on the exceedingly high standard of work we complete. In fact, we are so confident in the work we carry out, that each service is accompanied by a full guarantee for your peace of mind.

Gas and Plumbing Specialists

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and vast experience of our tradesmen, we are able to complete all manner of gas and plumbing work. This includes:


  • •Issuing Gas Safety Certificates
  • •Installing and Repairing Gas Fires
  • •Installing, Repairing, Maintaining, and Servicing Gas Appliances


  • •Addressing Pipe Work
  • •Installing New Plumbing Systems
  • •Making General Plumbing Repairs Such as Fixing Leaking Taps
  • •Installing Baths, Showers, Sinks, and Toilets

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