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We are more than just an Heating & Plumbing Company

We specialise in the installation of one of the most efficient heating systems available to home owners.  Our heating engineers are trained and supported by a team of specialists who have been designing and installing heat pump systems for over 20 years throughout the UK.

Commercial – Trained to the highest possible standards, all our commercial heating engineers possess the skills, knowledge and tools required to complete any task. So, if your boiler breaks down, you’ve been chosen to oversee your business’ annual Gas Safety Check, or you simply have a quick question, you can depend on our team for excellent service and trust them to give you the best advice for your business

Domestic – We offer customers a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service, we carry certain key spares meaning if your boiler has broken down we aim to get it fixed as soon as possible. Whether you have a burst pipe or a minor leak we have an engineer who can fix it.

Pioneers in Green Energy

3F Heating are a well-established business, passionate about green energy. We supply homes and businesses across the UK with market leading products which comfortably deliver all your domestic and commercial energy requirements, using technology which is renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral. 

Everything we do is designed to be cost-effective to the consumer but extremely eco-friendly at the same time. 

Electric Boilers

Electric Boiler Installation

Our most recent Electric Boiler Installation – Watford based customer asked us to replace their existing Gas boiler and reduce overall Utility Bills. We successfully reduced the customers energy bills by 20% whilst providing a new future proof heating system with potential to make more savings in the future.

How Do Electric Boilers/Heaters Work?

For many years, the majority of UK households have relied on gas boilers to provide their homes with heating and hot water.

Yet this is set to change with the UK goal to become carbon neutral or net-zero by 2050 and as a result, there is growing pressure to phase out gas boilers over the coming years.

Additionally, over 2 million households in the UK do not have access to the mains gas network and a vast number of other properties can not use gas due to flue restrictions on older/listed buildings.

For this reason, electric boilers and heaters are a popular and growing alternative to gas heating.

But how do they work exactly?

How Do Electric Boilers Work?

Just like a traditional gas combi boiler, an electric boiler is fed with cold water from the mains water supply.

Electricity is fed to the boiler from the mains electricity supply to the heating element within the boiler and they work essentially like giant kettles – using electricity and a metal element to heat the water.

The cold water is passed over the metal heating element and heat is transferred, resulting in hot water that can be supplied to the radiators and taps on-demand or from a hot water storage cylinder.

The exact way in which the boiler works in terms of heating and storing the water depends on the type of electric boiler/heater used.

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